Soul Minimal - Exhibition at the Arte Borgo Gallery in Rome

Exhibition from May 8th to 14th, 2021 in Rome

The exhibition “Soul Minimal” was opened on May 8th, 2021 by the gallery owner Ms. Anna Isopo from the Arte Borgo Gallery and the well-known Italian art critic for Modern Art - Dott. Giorgio Vulcano - opens. The exhibited pictures and sculptures met with great interest among the visitors to the international art exhibition in Rome. Dott. Vulcano pointed out that the pictures and sculptures bear a clear and unique signature and that the artist can be recognized at any time based on his work. The exhibition was visited by many art lovers; the press in Rome reported on this in a separate article.

Dott. At its opening, Vulcano found the following words, among others: “The complexity of a human creation as well as the essence of an artistic creation can also be expressed through an extreme synthesis. This is the case with Axel Becker's intuitive works, which are characterized by reductionist operations of colors and forms that undermine the distance between painting and sculpture. He draws on everyday rhetoric to summarize and condense our reality in a few elements. This is the proof of the constructive synthesis and condensation of our reality in a few elements. This evidence in the constructive parts of the work, in which new readings appear aiming at achieving a balance and establishing compositional relationships in the context in which they are presented."

The picture series gives an insight into the Soul Minimal exhibition.